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Sally is not new to being in front of my camera. I have captured some great content before for her thriving mumma blog, but this was different. This was a shoot specifically to capture memories of her and her son Max.

Quite often we are so busy capturing moments of our loves that we forget to get in the photos ourselves. I’m guilty of it myself!

Because this family photography shoot was a sunset session, when we chose the location for this shoot we made sure it was close to home for Sally so we didn't disrupt Max's routine. And it turns out we found the perfect spot!

Whe we arrived, Max was so intrigued by my camera. He wanted to look at all the photos being taken, so he became my honorary assistant for the day, checking the images, making sure they were ok. Such a good helper!

I try to make my family photo shoots as relaxed and natural as I possibly can. We were able to go for a nice walk along the path, out in the long grass and along the boardwalk. This location had it all. When little ones are involved I want family photo shoots to be all about them and their relationship with their mum and dad. These are the moments that I love to capture, and will be forever memories on your walls.

I hope Sally takes her own advice and gets in more photos with Drew and Max from now on!

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