Hey Beautiful


I'm Renee, the face behind Renee Joanne Photography, the dreamer and creative who loves fiercely, and laughs - loudly and often.

I am drawn to the adventurous souls, the dreamers, the ones who want to dance barefoot on the grass and run around at sunset chasing that last bit of light.


When I was 14, my Aunty gave me an old Pentax film camera that she had owned for almost 20 years. I started using it in art class at high school and developed my own prints in the dark room there. I fell in love with photography from the moment I picked up that camera.

I have a documentary approach to shooting. Magic happens when you least expect it and that’s how I love to shoot. It's the in between moments I look for, the ones when you look back at the images, you can feel the moment, the magic and your connection.


I am very passionate about printing photos. Showing your images online and on social media are great, but actually having a physical print or album that can be viewed forever in your home, that can be handed down to your grandkids and them to theirs as heirlooms, that's what it's all about. That's what I'm about, creating family memories that will live on forever. Prints and albums are available for purchase in my online store or I can recommend some great print companies that will give you quality keepsakes.

I can't wait to work with you!