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Canvas framed prints are a perfect way to display your favourite images from your wedding or portrait session. Our fine art canvas prints are high quality archival grade and have a 100 year non fade warranty (please see care instructions).

Our canvas prints have a spray coating of UV inhibiting, anti-fungal laminate, designed to enhance the colour and add an extra level of protection to the ink on the canvas. This coating also increases the longevity of the colours in your image. The 32mm frame is made from Queensland grown, kiln dried, Araucaria pine and the stretched canvas mirrors the image around the frame for a seamless photo finish.

Available in 3 sizes:

- 16x24" (40.64cm x 60.9cm)

- 24x36" (60.96cm x 91.44cm)

- 30x45" (76.20cm x 114.30cm)


Afterpay is available separately, please contact me directly to process.


When purchasing, please use the customisation field to advise image names.

Canvas Prints

PriceFrom $350.00


  • Always handle your canvas with care as it can be scratched if mistreated or the ink can be removed if the frame is dragged along another surface. Treat it like the artwork it is - always handle carefully.
  • Framed canvases are covered by a 100 year replacement warranty. If the colours fades or any part of the canvas or frame is faulty we will replace it at no charge.
  • Atmospheric conditions will cause the canvas to expand and contract. For this reason we do not overstretch a canvas - we always allow a little give. The canvas will tighten and relax with changes in humidity.
  • The very nature of a natural product such as cotton canvas means that there will be imperfections (lumps and bumps) in the surface of the canvas caused by the variations in the cotton threads that make up the canvas. This is normal and a feature of cotton canvas. 
  • Do not display your canvas prints in areas of high concentrations of UV light or heat.
  • Canvas prints should be hung in a clean environment and cleaned with a light feather duster. Solvents and cleaning sprays should never be used. 
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