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How Much Does A Maternity Photographer Cost In Brisbane?

If you are celebrating the impending arrival of your new baby and are wondering how much does a maternity photographer cost in Brisbane, I am here to break it all down for you! A woman's journey into motherhood is one of life's greatest gifts and I believe it deserves to be documented.

So, if you are expecting and are looking for someone to capture this special moment during your pregnancy ― this blog is perfect for you.

Maternity photography brisbane beach

Hiring a photographer with professional expertise in maternity and newborn photography is the right choice if you want the best documentation of your pregnancy. By investing in a professional photographer you will not only receive quality images, you will also feel confident knowing that you are being looked after by an experienced photographer that will follow all the best practices and have your safety front of mind.

The cost of maternity photography differs depending on the photographer's experience and other factors. Professional maternity photographers may charge higher compared to other photographers that are just starting out or ‘hobbyists’. This is due to quite a number of factors, the main being that they are established experts in their field through years of dedicated experience. It is also due to investing in premium equipment, software, insurance and education (just to name a few!) to ensure the best quality images and experience for their clients.

It can seem confusing when you look at the price difference when enquiring with various different photographers. The cost of a maternity photographer in Brisbane ranges anywhere from $100 – $2,000. So I wanted to break down the costs and inclusions to look out for so you know what you are paying for. Of course, your choice of a photographer will all come down to your personal preferences and budget, but this will hopefully give you some good insight into your investment and why it’s a good idea to choose a professional maternity photographer.

Top Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Maternity Photographer

1. The Photographer's Experience

The quality of images you'll receive will all depend on the expertise of the photographer that you choose to hire. It takes extensive experience and education to capture your true self, your raw emotions and put you into the most flattering poses for you. A professional photographer will have a lot of sessions under their belt and know all the tips and best advice for getting you comfortable in front of the camera. Previous client reviews are also a good indication of the experience you will receive with a photographer, so be sure to check their website and socials for these client testimonials on your search for the perfect photographer.

2. Your Experience as the Client

You may find cheap packages around Brisbane but cheaper isn’t always necessarily better. As the age old saying goes, you get what you pay for. So when it comes to your memories, make sure you choose a photographer that is going to give you the best possible experience. We understand that budget plays a big role in choosing the right person so just make sure you are choosing a photographer that will give you a great experience for the money you are investing.

At Renee Joanne Photography, we make sure to deliver only the best services to our clients. We send our clients a welcome pack, to help prepare them for their maternity shoot. We provide a maternity client closet full of dresses and accessories which can be accessed ahead of time in order to choose the perfect outfits. Our clients can freely call, email, text with us before the shoot to discuss their ideas and visions. We encourage open communication right up until the session to make sure they are at ease throughout the entire process. Then after your session is complete and all of your images have been lovingly edited, you receive a care package in the mail. We believe it’s the small details that really count.

When you book with us, you also have the option to set up a gift registry. This is a free service we offer to our clients to help them cover the cost of their maternity photography. We will set up a page for you to accumulate these gifts through friends and family and use the amount for your session or products like prints and albums.

We believe Maternity photography is a valuable investment so we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. Not only by providing gorgeous images, but also by providing an unforgettable experience that continues even after you receive your photos.

3. The Photographers costs of running their business

A hobbyist may not run and pay rent on a studio, invest in education, editing software, subscriptions, memberships, have insurance or a number of other costly things a professional pays for on a monthly or yearly basis. A professional photographer will have a number of business costs that they need to fund in order to keep their business running and be able to provide you with the absolute best experience. Every photographer is different so these costs will differ from person to person, however it’s a topic I like to mention as it can be really misleading when searching for a photographer. Especially when you see a photographer charging $100 vs $1000 and think why are they so much more expensive? Well, this is one very big factor!

4. Pricing Model

Maternity photographers may price their services differently and it’s important to look carefully at the costs they have outlined. For example, some photographers charge a flat rate session fee and then charge separately for the images and products. For example, a session fee may be $350, which only includes the session or “sitting fee”. Once the session is over and your images are ready the photographer may then get you into the studio for an in person sales session where you choose the images you want to purchase and any prints or albums. This costs extra after the session.

Others may have all inclusive packages that includes the session and either all images or a set amount of images - with the option to upgrade.

Sometimes it may seem like you are getting a great price but just double check exactly what you will receive for the amount you are paying and if you are expected to invest more money after the session.

Here at Renee Joanne Photography, we offer all inclusive packages (with absolutely no hidden fees or additional costs). Our maternity package includes the following:

· A pre-consultation to discuss outfits and location

· A styled, 90min Maternity photoshoot

· The use of up to 3 dresses from the client closet and all accessories

· An online gallery full of professionally edited images (minimum 60 images)

· A keepsake USB

For the complete list of our packages, please follow this link.

5. Payment Options

You may find that some photographers offer only 1 or 2 payment options. Giving you options and a variety of different ways to pay for your session is also something to consider cost-wise. Payment providers for Credit Card processing, PayPal, AfterPay etc all come with fees and charges to the photographer. As a professional photographer running a business, having these options is so important! It lets you know that they are fully prepared and can accommodate you however you require. The same applies to Wedding Photography, having more payment options and flexible invoices makes the world of difference!

Costing Summary

On average you can expect to pay around $600 to $1000 for good quality Maternity Photography in Brisbane, that gives you a good amount of photos and experience. Hopefully this post has helped clear up any questions or thoughts you had around the cost of a Maternity Photographer in Brisbane and why photographers sometimes charge such different rates. Make sure you meet or talk to the photographer before you book. Make sure you love their work and they fit within your budget. You may find that they have lots of different payment options for you also!

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