Top 7 Babymoon Destinations in QLD

Best Destinations for a Babymoon in QLD

Welcoming a baby into the world opens up a lot of new experiences and emotions for parents. Those first few months can be overwhelming and are filled with adoration for your new baby. Countless hours are spent staring at your baby in wonder, thinking "I made you". I just love that feeling and I know you will too!

Organising a baby moon before your baby arrives is a great way to connect with your partner and soak up those final few days of it just being the two of you. A well deserved relaxing break in a stunning location will be just what you need before diving head first into newborn life together.

If you are considering where to go for your babymoon in Queensland, I have devised a range of destinations you can choose from all the way from the Whitsundays to Byron Bay.

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Whitsundays Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

If you long for the waves and the sand, Whitsundays Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort can be your getaway paradise. It features 74 beautiful islands to explore and offers an abundance of natural attractions which include the Great Barrier Reef. The resort offers a lot of services such as snorkeling, diving, luxury cruising, flying over the Heart Reef, and many more.