The Duncan Family

When I arrived at Sam and Chon's house for their family photography session, the boys were just waking up from their afternoon nap. As you can imagine, Miah was not in the best mood (just like me when I wake up in the mornings 😂) so I let him have his space to find his groove and knew he would come to me when he was ready.

Swayde on the other hand was all smiles and ready to model his perfect happy gummy smile for me! So while Mum was spending some special time with Miah, I took Dad and Swayde away for some photographs of just the two of them. I just love photographing dads with their kids, showing their vulnerability and seeing how much love there is between them.

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Sam and Swayde

When Miah was ready he came upstairs and joined us in the nursery. Happy and smiling, giving his little brother hugs and kisses before showing us his sweet dance moves! This kid, seriously. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face the whole session! And my gosh, the love these two have for each other is ridiculous, especially Swayde when he looks at his big brother. It makes your heart melt!

I just adore in home family photography sessions because it allows me to capture moments in your sacred space. Something unique to you. The place you share together every day, capturing every day moments. We captured photos of the whole family all over the house and each room triggers different moments which is what I love.

At the end of the shoot I asked Chon and Sam to grab some of the boys favourite toys and to come back in to the hallway to all play together. So off they all went, but what happened next was nothing short of magical. They came back with instruments and basically had an impromptu jam session on the hallway floor.

This is what makes my heart sing. Capturing family photos that are real, candid and authentic. It also helps that I have the best clients that let me in to their lives to capture these beautiful moments for them!

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