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Tips For An Amazing Maternity Photo Shoot

Thinking about booking a maternity session or have already booked but have questions? I have collated my best tips below to have an unforgettable shoot that will guarantee getting you the images you will love!


Can you believe your body is doing this extraordinary thing? It is CREATING LIFE. What an incredibly amazing life altering experience. And you need to own it! You are incredible, your body is incredible and you need not worry about how you look.

I can’t tell you how often my clients are self conscious about something when they book with me or even at their session but I can assure you, once I’m done with you (or which ever amazing photographer you choose!) you will not have any doubts you made the right choice to book a session.

2. Have an open mind

I would never put any pressure on you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, but if I suggest something and you aren’t sure, trust that I can deliver something truly magical. Trust in the creative thoughts running through my head.

I hope and wish that in every session I can create at least one unique thing, or something special for you. Like this for example:

Pregnant woman floating in the water
Jess, floating under a waterfall

3. Choose outfits that really show off your body

Regardless of your size, shape, breast size, or anything else, choose outfits that really accentuate that bump. I offer dresses for all of my maternity clients which can be tried on prior to the session. You’d be surprised how many clients come into the fitting appointment with a few particular dresses they want to try on and end up walking out with 3 completely different choices. And obviously you can also come as you are and wear something of your own. Just remember to choose something that shows off that bump!

4. Love your location

Do you have a special connection to your chosen location? I can guarantee if you do you will be way more comfortable at your session.

I pretty much have a perfect location for every style you’re looking for but don’t be afraid to choose the location yourself. Even having photos done at home is sometimes the perfect choice. Some of my favourite maternity sessions have been at my clients homes. They are super intimate and raw, which I think makes the session unforgettable.

Some examples of a connection with your surroundings:

5. Bring multiple underwear choices!

You’d be surprised to know that I suggest my clients bring up to 3 different bra options alone. This is obviously all to do with outfit choices however I think it’s important if you want the certain looks my clients see when they scroll through my past images. My suggestion is always, a plain no frills strapless bra, a plain black or white (depending on dress choice) bra and a sexy lacey bra that you don’t mind showing off with your exposed bump.

You can then choose underwear to match but I suggest a nice matching pair with the lace bra, and a seamless pair for the others.

6. (If you are able) Get your hair and makeup done

Choose this time in your pregnancy to pamper yourself! I suggest this purely because when my clients show up to a session after getting their hair washed, blow dried and styled they exude this confidence. I don’t know how to describe it, I guess it’s just a chick thing 😂 but you kind of feel invincible.

I suggest going as natural as possible, light natural makeup and hair out usually looks best. But however you wish to wear it, as long as you own it you will LOVE your images even more.

So there you have it, my tips for an unforgettable maternity photo shoot! I will continue to add to this list as and when I discover more helpful tips to have the best maternity session ever 😊

In the meantime, you can contact me here for any questions you may have or you can also check out my maternity dresses in my client closet here!

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