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5 Best Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

Now that you are approaching the halfway point of your pregnancy, you're probably thinking about the best baby gender reveal ideas for when you announce the gender of your bub. So I have collated the top 5 Baby Gender Reveal Ideas for some inspiration for your own reveal!

Pregnant belly close up

The birth of a baby is one of the most thrilling and happy moments worthy of all the celebrations. A baby is a blessing, which is why many parents are eager to share the news and the excitement with family and friends. Custom cakes, themed party supplies, confetti cannons, smoke bombs and pinatas are designed to create the perfect gender reveal parties. There are many unique ideas that you can choose from ranging from the simplest to the most extravagant.

Now more than ever due to COVID we are reliant on live streaming and the ability to share photos on social media of our special moments. Elaborate and creative gender reveal videos and pictures are posted to social media every day which allows family and friends that can't be there to still partake in the event and feel part of the celebrations. This is even more of a reason to document these moments of your pregnancy by organising a maternity photo shoot. To document your special journey through to motherhood, contact me for your maternity session. I can capture some truly amazing memories for you of a time that will be looked back on in awe. The images we create together can be shared with your friends and family that you have been distanced from so they can too experience this magical moment with you.

To help you share the excitement of your pregnancy and announcing the gender of your bub, I have devised a top 5 list of popular gender reveals ideas that you can use to announce your baby's gender. If you are starting to plan your party or baby shower and are needing inspiration for your gender reveal then take a look at my list below!

1. Customised Cake

A custom cake is amongst the most popular gender reveal methods. Cakes are great because not only can they be used to announce the gender, they can then be shared with your guests which is a customary item at a celebration! The cake can be designed to match the theme of your party and the cake maker can be given a sealed envelope with the gender inside.

There are a few options with how the gender reveal can work with a cake which is why it is a popular choice. You can opt to have the entire inside of the cake be a specific colour like blue or pink (for a boy or girl), or the centre of the cake can be filled with blue or pink sprinkles, MnM's, Smarties etc. There is also the option to have cupcakes instead of a cake so that everyone can take a bite at the same time to reveal the gender!

Image courtesy of Betty Crocker

2. Balloon Popping

For balloon popping, the concept is similar to gender reveal cakes. Most party stores will have this option available where you provide the gender to the staff via a sealed envelope. A huge (normally solid black) balloon is filled with helium and either blue or pink confetti. Using a pin, the soon to be parents pop the balloon revealing the gender of their new baby.

To increase the anticipation, you could make a game out of it with your guests. They can write down their guess and win prizes if they get it right!

3. Mystery Box

For gender reveal mystery boxes, you can use any sized box you like. This is a great idea if you have kids that would like to be the ones to reveal the gender of their new brother or sister. The box is sealed with balloons inside coloured either pink or blue (for a girl or boy). The balloons are filled with helium so that when the box is opened, the coloured balloons float out of the top of the box. Point to note, make sure the balloons are fastened to the base of the box so they don't fly away! Like the cake and balloon popping, parents can use this idea if they want the party to be simple, close-knit, exclusive, and intimate.

4. Confetti or Coloured Powder Bombs

Confetti and Coloured Powder Bombs offer a more upbeat way of revealing your baby’s gender. You can also purchase extra so that all of your guests can get involved at the same time. Check out some of the options to you here. During the gender reveal, parents hold onto a string that when pulled, confetti or smoke is released from either a cannon or a ball accompanied by a loud bang. This is for parents who want a really fun and extravagant reveal for their party.

Image courtesy of Coloured Smoke Australia

5. Piñata

This idea makes your gender reveal celebration feel festive and playful. Simply put, guests can shout out their guesses on the gender while you smash through the piñata until it reveals a burst of candies wrapped in the colour of your baby’s gender. The piñata can either hold colour-themed treats or confetti, depending on the preference of the parents.

Do you have other ideas for Gender Revealing? Let me know in the comments!

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