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Wardrobe Guide for your Maternity Photography Session

If you are anything like me, you may struggle to decide what to wear on a regular day, so finding the perfect outfit for your Maternity photography session could be tricky! I want you to look and feel your best at your session so I have collated this guide to help you choose that perfect outfit.

Maternity photography clothing guide
Maternity Wardrobe Guide

Motherhood is a hard and wonderfully fulfilling experience that I believe deserves to be documented. Which is why I offer maternity packages that aim to capture the glamorous journey of your pregnancy. A maternity photoshoot gives you memories to treasure forever, making it the perfect present for yourself, or anyone special in your life who is pregnant. I also understand that preparing for a child has its financial burdens and to help soon-to-be parents with the cost of their maternity session, I have a gift registry option available. Friends and family who would like to contribute to the session can do so and that’s not just limited to the actual shoot, it also applies to products like prints and albums. As a mum myself I also know from personal experience how difficult the journey can be, and how stressful pregnancy is on your mind and body, but my goal is to make you feel beautiful and empowered.

If you have a maternity session booked in with me and don’t know where to begin with your wardrobe, don’t stress! I have created this guide to assist you but I also have a large client closet full of beautiful dresses, robes and accessories for you to borrow at your session. Remember, your body is incredible and you deserve to flaunt the beauty you are radiating.

Keep your body in mind.

The photoshoot is all about highlighting you and your body, so be sure to wear something that will show off your curves and compliment your body. Depending on what your preference is, you can choose to wear body-hugging clothes that show off your bump, or you can choose more flowy pieces. You can even go for something that gives you the best of both worlds and highlights your figure but still allows for movement within the sleeves and skirt. Remember to choose an outfit with colours that compliment your skin tone and that don’t clash with your surroundings. As a photographer, I have an eye for balancing the complementary and contrasting elements, so I can help you find the perfect outfit if you’re struggling.

Simple is best.

Maternity photos are the best keepsake and are an amazing way to show your child later on in life what it was like carrying them. For this reason, I suggest to choose more classic clothing. Whites, nudes, and soft, muted colours, as well as light floral patterns, are all good choices because they are timeless and never go out of style. If your partner and other kids will be present at the shoot, their outfits should complement yours. Choose your outfit first, then use that as the basis for colour schemes and clothing styles for your family.

One thing I suggest to avoid is ‘loud’ clothing. By loud I mean really bright colours, large brand logos on t-shirts or patterns that distract the eye.

Look for texture.

Textures such as knit, linen, and lace will always elevate an otherwise simple dress or skirt. Textures look great in the final images because they give your outfit more character and contrast. Remember though that we want to capture beautiful, timeless photos so choose knit or lace patterns that aren’t over-the-top to avoid looking bulky in your images.

Prioritize your comfort.

Being in front of a camera can already be an uncomfortable and awkward experience for most (though I do my very best to make you feel comfortable and confident), so you want to be wearing something as comfortable as possible! You look your best when you feel your best. If you have tried an outfit on and you don’t feel comfortable in it then it will 100% show in your photos. Make sure you are choosing outfits that you feel amazing in and this will be reflected in your images.

Book a Fitting Appointment.

My maternity photoshoot package includes full access to my maternity client closet and a free fitting appointment. During our consultation, we’ll go over things like style, themes and locations. This means I’ll have a good idea of what you want for the shoot, so I can guide you in choosing the perfect wardrobe for your session. I can suggest styles, colours, and fits to look for and what to avoid, and even how to match outfits with your family. My client closet has been lovingly curated with every body shape and type in mind so there will for sure be an outfit perfect for you. You can choose from elegant designer gowns to boho-inspired dresses, and I even have robes and other accessories that you can use too.

As a mum, I know that pregnancy is a time to be treasured whether this is your first or tenth time around. It can be hard to feel confident in your new body while you wait for your baby to arrive, but I promise that the right outfit will highlight your incredible body and the gift of life that you carry. Feel free to contact me, and I’d be honoured to help you find the perfect wardrobe and capture this special moment in your life.

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